Gain the Edge in Selling DDoS Protection as a Service with Nexusguard Bastions!

On-perm/Hybrid DDoS Protection for ISPs

As an ISP,  you have a unique opportunity to provide value-added services to your customers. Extend your offerings beyond connectivity and gain a competitive edge by offering DDoS protection services with Nexusguard Bastions. With our advanced on-premises and hybrid DDoS protection solutions, you can deliver comprehensive protection to your customers, ensuring their networks stay secure and their businesses thrive.

What are Bastions?

Bastions is a fully managed solution, empowering communications service providers (ISPs) to deploy advanced cybersecurity capabilities on-premises or at edge locations. With carrier-grade hardware and proprietary technology, Bastions offers comprehensive hybrid cybersecurity services, including attack detection and mitigation. ISPs can provide co-branded Nexusguard Cloud Services locally while leveraging the security of the Nexusguard Cloud during global security events. Bastions is a trusted solution built on extensive experience in combating cyber t

You Need An Edge!

Streamlined Protection Across Layers 3-7

Gain a competitive advantage by defending against complex attacks across the entire layers 3-7 spectrum. While only the largest organizations struggle to safeguard against such threats, they also happen to be the most valuable accounts. With Nexusguard, you can seamlessly see and defend across the entire spectrum, simplifying your DDoS protection.

Cost-Effective Global Terabit Scrubbing

Traditionally, when we talk about global terabit scrubbing infrastructure, most CSPs think of layer 3 or clean pipe solutions. However, Nexusguard's MX7000 allows CSPs to extend their Clean Pipe service to a terabit scale compared to local competition. Moreover, by investing in a local on-premise box, CSPs gain the capability to offer layer 7 services, including DNS, with multi-terabit/millions of packets per second scrubbing capacity!

Create Value with Multi-Tenancy

Multi-tenancy is a crucial aspect of Nexusguard's offering, benefitting both CSPs and their customers. Our platform is designed to support thousands of customers from day one, eliminating the need for product teams to wait for other teams before launching new service packages. For CSPs' customers, such as government organizations at the ministry level, our solution provides a comprehensive national-level view instead of limited city-level perspectives.

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