Simplifying DDoS Protection and Monitoring for WISPs

With the increase in attacks targeting network providers, such as Bandwidth and, WISPs must consider their own anti-DDoS posture. The challenge is that the conventional approach to DDoS protection is both complex and expensive. To address the specific needs of the WISPA community, Nexusguard’s managed DDoS protection and monitoring service has two deployment models and partner programs to meet your needs and budget.



  • 24x7 Monitoring
  • Custom Profiles
  • Auto Diversion
  • Unlimited Attacks
  • Full or Co-Managed
  • BGP Peering
  • GRE Tunnel / Direct

True Hybrid

  • On-Premise Appliance
  • Host Level Diversion
  • Global Profile Sync
  • Data Sovereignty
  • Lowest Latency

Cloud Partner
  • DDoS / WAF / DNS
  • Website Protection
  • Lowest Investment
  • 15 Days to Deploy
  • No Hardware
  • White Label
  • Multi-Tenant Portal
True Hybrid TAP Partner
  • Clean Pipe
  • Application Protection
  • DDoS / WAF / DNS
  • 90 Days to Deploy
  • Dell Server On-Site
  • Training / Certification

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