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360° DDoS Protection You Can Count On

Dealing with increasingly massive and complex threats that often target multiple vectors requires a robust defense strategy, a portfolio of network resources and battle-tested expertise. Nexusguard is the DDoS protection partner you can trust.

Get 360 protection from DDoS attacks

Nexusguard Cybersecurity Platform is an integrated yet highly customizable anti-DDoS solution that leverages mitigation technology, a globally scrubbing network and automated threat detection to protect websites, applications, networks and DNS services from DDoS attacks.

Integrated solution customized to your unique needs

Nexusguard Cybersecurity Specialists can formulate the right mix of solutions that works best for your organization, regardless of your security policy, regulatory and compliance requirements, data sovereignty concerns, and so forth.

Address your compliance concerns

As a PCI-certified Service Provider (Level 1), Nexusguard’s infrastructure is guaranteed to offer maximum security for processing, storing and/or transmission of credit card data and sensitive information. We are also certified for ISO 27001, ensuring the highest standards of control are in place to address the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer information and assets, and to ensure compliance with governance policies and regulatory mandates.

Direct access to tech support and expert advice any time

To free the time of your security and network managers for more productive tasks, a Technical Account Manager (TAM) will be dedicated to serving as your single point of contact, who will answer your inquiries and deliver faster resolutions. Behind the TAM is a 24x7 customer service team, with all of them working seamlessly with the 24x7 SOC in traffic monitoring, activity analysis and incident response.

Enjoy uncapped attack coverage

Nexusguard has long been offering fixed, transparent pricing for an unlimited coverage for all DDoS attacks, regardless of attack size, complexity and duration.

Retrieve robust reports and logs

Real-time traffic and attack analytics are available on the intuitive Customer Portal. Traffic log is updated in real time for on-the-fly analysis, reporting and auditing purposes.

Under DDoS attack?

Our 24/7 Emergency Response Team can turn on DDoS Protection in minutes.

Request for Emergency Protection

Looking for a 360 DDoS Protection?

Find out which Nexusguard DDoS protection plan is right for you.

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