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View real-time traffic, ongoing attacks, event logs, site performance, user behavior, and more, and create custom rule sets in Nexusguard’s graphically intuitive Customer Portal.

Customer Portal

With comprehensive dashboards, charts, and tables the web-based traffic analytics site provides insights into historic and live events. It gives you the flexibility to customize mitigation policies and policy groups to suit your network and application protection requirements.

Logging and Reporting

The Customer Portal provides comprehensive logging to record events and attacks. Events monitored, attacks dropped, actions taken by mitigation engines and the web application firewall (WAF), and user actions are all captured. Raw log files are available for download in .csv format.

Monthly event reports summarizing network traffic and analysis can be downloaded at any time.

Timely reports detailing when an attack was detected, its duration, the attack type, source IPs, targets, impact, actions taken, root causes, and preventive/corrective recommendations are delivered whenever there’s an incident.