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In the quarter we saw an increase in both the average and maximum size of attacks over Q4 2017, and our insecure cyberworld became a target-rich battlefield: The 2018 FIFA World Cup came under attack, while cryptocurrency-related businesses continued to be targeted. DDoS attacks inflicted on Verge Network (XVG), for instance, caused a whopping loss of 35 million XVG tokens worth more than $1.7 million.

Key observations:
  • Increasingly large attacks (a YoY average-size increase of 543.17%) had a severe impact on Communication Service Providers (CSP)
  • A drastic uptrend of 463.58% on the YoY maximum size of attacks

  • An overwhelming ratio of pure and blended TCP SYN attacks

  • The dramatic rise in IoT botnet activity coincided with Satori malware exploits
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