A secure environment is not a perk, but something every customer expects. A partnership with Nexusguard means uncompromising security and protection, giving your customers confidence and trust in the services you deliver. 

Nexusguard Service Provider Enablement (SPE) Program

Nexusguard Service Provider Enablement (SPE) is a turnkey, zero-capex and easy-to-operate solution that lets you deliver essential DDoS and cyber-threat protection to your customers — all marketed under your own brand.

Business Benefits

  • Launch a cloud-based, self-branded service with low OPEX and zero CAPEX — no investments in infrastructure, hardware, or software
  • Stay focused on your core business while adding profitable, new revenue streams
  • Generate extra income via Nexusguard’s revenue-sharing model and goal-oriented incentives
  • Expand your product portfolio, add a powerful market differentiator, and strenghten your company’s brand
  • Upsell to existing customers and attract new ones
  • Simplify selling and increase revenues with WAF, AP, OP, and DNSP bundling options, and formulate your own pricing strategies
  • Protect and retain your customer base with a transparent partnership model
  • Benefit from sharing network resources within the Nexusguard's Global DDoS Mitigation Network, so that threats can be identified and remediated at their source

Technology Benefits

  • Complement the existing protection capacity and scalability of your environment
  • Understand your customers’ online businesses better with log data accessed through the SPE Partner Portal
  • Customize your service offerings to meet your needs with Nexusguard’s flexible partnership models, i.e. the cloud and hybrid models
  • Get security insights by way of collective threat intelligence provided by Nexusguard

Delivering your own DDoS mitigation as a service begins with Nexusguard.

Learn more about our Service Provider Enablement (SPE) program today.