Cybersecurity is a major issue concerning financial institutions and is a top priority for regulators. Apart from providing customers with secure, anytime access, banks are also required to comply with the increasingly stringent cybersecurity rules and best practices, especially those on vendor relationships as well as data quality, risk analytics and regulatory reporting.


Always-on Protection For 100% Uptime

First and foremost, financial instutitions need comprehensive protection against DDoS attacks to ensure 100 percent uptime, while keeping sensitive information secure. But the security environment is becoming more complex day by day.

To create a window of opportunity to expose vulnerabilities and implant malware, hackers are now using small-scale, short-lived DDoS attacks that often go unnoticed. The best solution is to deploy an always-on, multilayered platform that automatically mitigates DDoS traffic before it reaches the network.


Keeping SSL-protected Networks Safe

Second, protecting and ensuring the confidentiality of customer data is of utmost importance to a financial institution’s reputation, as well as its ability to meet its compliance requirements. Nexusguard has the right set of technologies to mitigate SSL-encrypted attack traffic, while safeguarding your organization’s private keys, or when necessary, allowing you to retain your private keys.


Certified Cybersecurity Advisor

As your trustworthy cybersecurity partner, Nexusguard is a Level 1, PCI-certified service provider. The components of Nexusguard’s cybersecurity platform comply with security standards required of financial institutions, including PCI DSS. 

And we are also certified for ISO 27001, ensuring that the highest standards of control are in place to address the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer information and assets, and to ensure compliance with governance policies and regulatory mandates. 


Robust Monitoring, Logging & Reporting Tools

An effective monitoring and logging system is necessary to carry out post-event forensic investigations and generate incident reports to meet compliance requirements related to data quality, risk analytics, and regulatory reporting. Nexusguard’s Customer Portal features graphically intuitive tools and comprehensive event logs that simplify management, monitoring, and reporting.



Key Features

Multi-Layered DDoS Mitigation SSL Attack Mitigation Nexusguard Web Application Firewall (WAF) SSL Attack Mitigation Visibility and Reporting

Your DDoS protection solution begins with Nexusguard.

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