With their high public visibility, e-commerce websites are a prime DDoS target. Their complexity and frequent design faults leave them highly vulnerable to attacks — and just a few minutes of downtime can kill an online business. To succeed, e-commerce sites need to provide uninterrupted access to shoppers. And they also need to prevent data breaches, which can wreak havoc on their reputation and severely erode customer trust.

Nexusguard offers uncompromising security and meticulous protection for e-commerce. Our cloud-based, multi-layered mitigation platform protects the entire backend infrastructure and public-facing components from all cyberthreats. What’s more, our security teams closely monitor the cyberthreat landscape around the clock for evolving attack methods to provide essential defense. Backed by collective threat intelligence from multiple research teams, Nexusguard’s 24x7x365 Security Operations Centers (SOC) enable e-commerce sites to maintain a robust, dynamic security profile without interruption.

Nexusguard is also a Level 1, PCI-certified service provider so e-commerce owners can rest assured that all sensitive information, including credit card data is handled securely throughout the mitigation process.

To achieve high rankings in popular search engines and maintain a strong presence online, e-commerce operators have invested heavily in SEO. Nexusguard’s patented Crawler Identification Engine accurately segregates legitimate crawlers from spoofed or illicit ones, so crawlers from genuine engines are always let in, while malicious ones and bad bots are rejected immediately.

Nexusguard Crawler Identification

Nexusguard Crawler Identification

Key Features

Multi-Layered DDoS Mitigation SSL Attack Mitigation Nexusguard Web Application Firewall (WAF) Nexusguard Patented Crawler Identification Engine SSL Attack Mitigation 24x7 SOCs and Threat Intelligence

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