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Cloud-based DDoS protection services by Nexusguard

DDoS Protection Service

Roll out cloud-based, self-labeled cybersecurity service with low opex, zero capex

A secure environment is not a perk, but something every customer expects. A partnership with Nexusguard means uncompromising security and protection, giving your customers confidence and trust in the services you deliver.

DDoS Protection Service

Deliver DDoS Protection as a Service

Low in capex and easy to operate, Nexusguard Service Partner Programs allow service providers to deliver essential DDoS and cyberthreat protection as a service to their customers..

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Explore New Revenue Streams

As a whitelabel solution, the SPE program enables the partner to launch a cloud-based, self-branded service with low opex and zero capex, without having to invest in infrastructure, hardware or software. You can stay focused on your core business while adding profitable, new revenue streams via Nexusguard's revenue-sharing model and goal-oriented incentives.

Flexible Product Bundling

With a suite of DDoS mitigation products added to your product portfolio, you can upsell them in any combination to your existing customers, attract new ones, optimize your product bundling formula and integrate our cloud mitigation to your existing cybersecurity offerings to maximize revenue.

Understand Your Network And Customers Better

The comprehensive traffic analytics of the Partner Portal allow you to analyze the flow of traffic through your network to understand where legitimate, malicious and attack traffic originates, and where it is headed. You can quickly gain insight into the accessibility and performance of your entire network and your every DDoS mitigation client.

Customizable Mitigation Filter

Gain full control over DDoS protection, hacking protection, caching and load balancing for your customers

Caching & Load Balancing

Dynamic and static content caching offloads excessive HTTP requests from the server to ensure fast content delivery to your customers

Easy Account Management

Manage all customer accounts, configure their mitigation policies and control access on the multi-tenancy Partner Portal

24x7 SOC Staffed With DDoS Experts

Monitors and responds to attacks and threats around the clock while providing seamless support to you and your customers

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