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Content delivery network (CDN) services from Nexusguard

Leverage Nexusguard's widespread network of servers to ensure resilience and fast content and application delivery—in peacetime or during an attack.

Content Caching and Optimization

Content Caching and Optimization

Highly efficient in caching content, our CDN is able to identify frequently accessed content by comparing content from the server to that which is already cached.

Duplicate content is served from the cache, reducing bandwidth expended between the Origin server and the scrubbing center and accelerating delivery to the end-user.

The ability to cache both static and event-driven content ensures speedy delivery of previously un-cacheable dynamic content utilized by many content providers.

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Load Balancing

Nexusguard’s load balancing can function as a cloud-based alternative to on-premise, appliance-based load balancers, thereby helping cut capital expenses and operating expenses.

Cloud-based load balancers can be integrated with multiple servers within the same data center, or in multiple data centers in different global locations.

Global Server Load Balancing delivers clean traffic from Nexusguard to data centers located in different geo-locations.

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Load Balancing
Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Anycast Routing

BGP Anycast networking routes user traffic to the CDN node in the nearest scrubbing center. The technique is used is used to announce the same IP address range from all scrubbing centers dispersed throughout the world, enabling routers to direct traffic targeting the IP range to the nearest location that announced it.

Performance Monitoring

View the number of incoming requests—live and historic—served from Nexusguard’s cache as well as the bandwidth saved on the Customer Portal.

Multiple caching options are available. Purge cached domain data and load up-to-date files from the Origin server.

View a Global Performance Map to see the countries and regions with the most requests served from cache.