The Nexusguard Service Provider Enablement (SPE) Cloud Model enables you to quickly expand existing DDoS protection services and even launch new ones — without any additional capital expenditures for infrastructure or manpower.

How It Works

During an attack, malicious traffic is eliminated at Nexusguard’s scrubbing centers so your bandwidth is spared. Inbound traffic is redirected to the nearest scrubbing center, where filtering and routing are employed to reduce DDoS traffic interference. Clean traffic is then routed back to your network, while analytical reports on the attack are generated.

See how Nexusguard SPE Cloud model works

For Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs)


Customers expect MSSPs to have expertise in every aspect of security, including DDoS mitigation.


  • Helps lock in existing customers and elevates customer loyalty
  • Augments existing service portfolios and creates new revenue streams
  • Easy to operate, fast service provisioning
  • Zero CAPEX

For Hosted Service Providers (xSP)


Today’s competitive market is driving down prices, resulting in shrinking revenues.


  • Creates competitive differentiation
  • Drives immediate new revenue streams
  • Prevents DDoS collateral damage to websites in multi-tenant environments
  • Improves site performance and availability through caching and load balancing
  • Easy to operate, fast service provisioning

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