Monetizing cybersecurity services in Telco 4.0 transformation

Monetizing cybersecurity services in Telco 4.0 transformation

The 4th Industrial Revolution is upon us. Industry 4.0 is all about the significant transformation and innovation between physical and digital technologies - moving toward industrial automation and flexible manufacturing in a connected environment of big data, people, processes, services, systems and IoT-enabled industrial assets.

As physical manufacturing operations cross with cyber processes, cyberattacks can have far more extensive effects than ever before. The telecommunications industry has never been more competitive as it currently sits at the centre of Industry 4.0. In the new era of digital business transformation, cybersecurity strategies should be well-defined, competitive and fully integrated into systems and infrastructure from the start.

Tune in to explore more about:

  • The need for Telco 4.0 transformation in the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • The challenges associated with creating managed security services
  • Nexusguard’s Transformation Alliance Partner Program



Donny Chong

Product Director


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