New business dynamics and cybersecurity SaaS strategies for Telcos

Since remote working became the new norm, internet connectivity has not only become an indispensable part of our lives, but also one of the primary sources of cyber insecurity. Due to heavy use and reliance on online services, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) have borne the brunt of cyberattacks compared to all other sectors, amidst the global pandemic. The telecommunications industry has gone through a particularly intense period of fragility, with this year thus far seeing the most cyber attacks in telecommunications than any other industry.

Given that the current landscape of increased internet dependence is driven by the pandemic and directly affects the vulnerability of the Telco industry, there has never been a more crucial and appropriate time for Telcos to look into profitable and simplified Security as a Service (SaaS) strategies in this post-pandemic world.

Join us on this keynote to learn:

  • How COVID-19 has shaped demand for cybersecurity services in the enterprise market
  • How Telcos can overcome the growing demand for cybersecurity skills
  • The keys to ensure the service caters for each enterprise segment



Andy Ng



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