Build out your own SOC team with Nexusguard in just 60 days

Detecting and responding to cyberattacks is difficult and time consuming as they require a significant amount of time and resources for investigating. Most organization’s people, process and technology cannot keep up with evolving cyber threats, odds are that your organization is exposed to a much higher risk, especially if it is short of talent who has the right set of strategies, experience and skills to mitigate the risk. Integrating a first-class and modern Security Operations Center (SOC) team into the overall security strategy therefore is crucial for handling cybersecurity threats, and for acting as a command center for incident management, data collection and analysis.

What's inside:

  • Understand the various threat actors as we share their modus operandi from our experiences in the front lines
  • Learn from our practitioners and SOC the defense strategies we employ to defend organizations from cyber attacks
  • A look into the simplified steps in building a SOC within 60 days from technology, services to training



Ruben Mondejar

Business Development Director


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