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Cloud security with Nexusguard

Cloud DDoS Protection

Still Hesitate in Upgrading To Cloud DDoS Protection?

Nexusguard's cloud-based DDoS security solutions deliver multiple benefits, such as low capex and opex, fast service provisioning, scalability, elasticity, security and resiliency. However, there are still concerns such as switching costs, data security, data residency and retention, SSL encryption strategy, and so forth.

At Nexusguard, we understand all concerns you probably have when considering moving from legacy security devices to cloud DDoS protection.

Cloud DDoS Protection

Industry-leading Standards

We adopt industry-leading standards for cloud security and contracts, such as service level agreements, transparent pricing and uncapped attack coverage.

PCI DSS and ISO 27001 Compliant

We are certified by PCI DSS and ISO 27001 and follow stringent security practices to ensure a secure environment for processing, storing and transmitting credit card and sensitive data.

Prevent Data Breach

As the connection between DDoS attacks and data breach is obvious, every enterprise and organisation will need a cloud-based DDoS protection solution in place to do the job that network firewalls or intrusion protection systems are not designed to do.

Cloud DDoS Mitigation Benefits

Reap the various benefits of cloud DDoS mitigation, such as cost-effectiveness, fast deployment, scalability, elasticity, security and resiliency.

SSL Key Management

SSL Key Management tool looks after your private key securely.

SSL Attack Mitigation Without Private Keys

An alternative solution utilizing multi-domain SSL certs is available in case you need to retain control of your private key if necessary.