Managed DDoS Mitigation Platform

The Nexusguard Managed DDoS Mitigation Platform (MX7000) is a powerful, versatile 'cloud-in-a-box' DDoS mitigation solution for CSPs dealing with the impacts brought about by cyberattacks, or wishing to add advanced cybersecurity capabilities to their product portfolio.



Fully & Centrally Managed Platform

Nexusguard SOC is managed 24X7 so that rule-set updates, upgrades and patches are delivered at all time to address the urgent needs of security.

Store & Process Data Locally

This box manages and processes data locally in a way that addresses performance, data sovereignty and compliance requirements.

Run Nexusguard Services On-Prem

CleanPipe, Application Protection (AP), Origin Protection (OP) and DNS Protection (DP).

3-tiered Multi-Tenant Portals

  • Federated Portal
  • Partner Portal
  • Customer Portal

Backed by Global Cloud Infrastructure

Multi-terabit scrubbing cloud distributed globally.

Consistent & Seamless Hybrid Experience

Predictable performance of on-premise hardware meets cloud scalability.

What Makes Us Different?

Built-in Return-on-Investment Mechanisms

With turnkey services ready to be delivered out of the box, implementers of the platform and TAP program can immediately roll out enterprise-grade DDoS protection services.

Store and Process Data Locally

The balkanization of Internet means data sovereignty is of paramount importance. The Nexusguard managed platform allows the CSP to keep local data while countering global attacks.

Comprehensive Security Services in a Single-Paned Dashboard

Security services shouldn’t operate in silo. Nexusguard’s platform offers full range of services, in the CSP’s skin and brand, to protect customer applications, networks and infrastructure, connectivity, and domain name services from all possible cyber attacks - all on a single-paned glass.

24x7 access to dedicated engineers to immediately address your concerns

- Attack monitoring and mitigation with 24x7 SOC & support team
- Dedicated technical support

Perpetual License & Upgrades

The program’s innovative commercial offering discards the traditional CAPEX spend model, replacing it with OPEX model that renders end-of-support/life conversations obsolete. Never again do you worry about the lifecycle of a product and to plan for heavy CAPEX at the end of each technology lifecycle. Nexusguard’s platform offers perpetual license and support for as long as necessary - meaning the longer you operate the platform, the lower the TCO becomes.

Consistent & Seamless Hybrid Experience

We own the entire spectrum of service components, from products to infrastructure, from software to business solutions, ensuring there is no lapse of service.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Working with x86 bare-metal partners means that we are not binded to hardware manufacturers, cost or supply-wise. This translates to great deal of savings for our customers. Customers have an option to acquire the bare metals, or to benefit from Nexusguard’s OEM partnerships with our suppliers. In terms of dollars-per-gigabit at the carrier level - Nexusguard’s platform offers a 50-70% TCO savings over 3 years and it only gets higher as the program runs longer.

Backed by Nexusguard Global Infrastructure

The Nexusguard managed platform is an extension of the core Nexusguard infrastructure, backed by a global cloud. The hybrid setup is highly scalable to address the continued growth of volumetric attacks.

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  • Managed DDoS Mitigation Platform Brochure

    The Nexusguard Managed DDoS Mitigation Platform (MX7000) is a powerful, versatile 'cloud-in-a-box' DDoS mitigation solution for CSPs dealing with the impacts brought about by cyberattacks, or wishing to add advanced cybersecurity capabilities to their product portfolio. 

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  • MX7000 Mitigation Platform Datasheet

    Nexusguard MX7000 Mitigation Platform mitigates all L3/L4 attacks that attempt to flood the core and downstream networks of the CSP, and mitigates complex L7 attacks that target the computing resources of their customers, by inspecting traffic, detecting threats and blocking attacks against protected networks and application resources, in real-time. 

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  • Clean Pipe Datasheet

    Nexusguard’s Clean Pipe module is designed for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to immediately expand or strengthen their existing product offerings, by providing optimum attack detection, notification and mitigation response times to deliver a truly differentiated clean pipe service.

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  • DDoS Mitigation With Flowspec

    Incorporating BGP Flowspec into Nexusguard’s DDoS Mitigation Platform now enables CSPs to efficiently and specifically select and drop malicious traffic without impacting healthy traffic streams.

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  • True-Hybrid Managed DDoS Mitigation solution

    With cyberattacks now being launched in various sizes and with differing intentions, deploying Nexusguard’s True-Hybrid offering could well be what saves your organization from falling victim to a major DDoS attack.

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  • Smart Mode: DDoS Attack Detection Using Machine Learning

    The advances in artificial intelligence (AI) in recent years has given rise to the application of Machine Learning models to enhance DDoS attack detection. Nexusguard’s Smart Mode detection uses Machine Learning techniques to predict whether network traffic coming from a source is legitimate or part of a malicious DDoS attack.

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  • MX7000: “Cloud-in-a-Box” DDoS Protection for Regional CSPs

    MX7000 is the ultimate DDoS mitigation platform regional CSPs should have for access to Nexusguard’s people, processes and technology they could not obtain otherwise in order to deploy, implement and profit from best-in-class DDoS protection services.

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  • Mitigating SSL Attacks Without Private Keys

    Learn how you can retain control of your private key with a simple, cost-effective solution currently used by Nexusguard.

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  • Nexusguard Secured SSL Key Management Infrastructure

    To detect stealthy attacks hidden behind encrypted traffic, it is necessary for Nexusguard to keep the private key. In doing so, Nexusguard uses Key Management infrastructure (KMI) to look after the safety of your private key.

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  • The Significance of Being a PCI-Certified Service Provider

    This White Paper addresses the commonly questions asked by our clients on Nexusguard’s PCI DSS assessment, control measures taken, the security of its infrastructure including data centers, as well as the cost-effectiveness for PCI and non-PCI merchants.

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  • The Omnipresence of IoT Poses Unprecedented Challenges for Cybersecurity

    In the wake of new threats posed by IoT-powered botnets spawned by malicious codes, read on to find out what solution Nexusguard has to protect mobile app servers by dropping attack traffic from hacked IoTs.

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  • Communications Service Providers (CSPs) Are Being Brought To Their Knees By “Bit-And-Piece” Attacks That Fly Under The Radar

    CSPs are suffering from an extremely stealthy network-layer attack − the “bit-and-piece” attack that we identified as earlier as in 2018, which was later dubbed as carpet bombing by some others. Designed to bypass traditional threshold-based detection, this attack is posing a new security challenge for CSPs, which can cause massive service degradation for its network and its customers and there’s nothing their on-premise investments can do to help.

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  • So-net leverages the partnership with Nexusguard

    So-net Entertainment Taiwan, a subsidiary of Sony Network Communications Inc., partnered with Nexusguard to strengthen and upgrade their cybersecurity deployments. Under the Transformational Partner Program (TAP),So-net is further entitled to marketing and reselling the full suite of DDoS protection products to its customers.

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