Nexusguard’s annual DDoS reports on security trends, DDoS attack trends, and DDoS attack review are compiled from key data sets gathered from our network of Security Operations Centers. Reflecting the global trends in information security, the reports provide attack-prevention insights so one can be better prepared for future threats.

2015 Internet Security

2015 Internet Security Trend

In 2015, we expect cyber attacks to further mature and have a deeper and broader impact than before. The popularity of Zero-day-plus-one (or Zero-plus) attacks will continue to grow, while emerging technologies like IoT (Internet of Things) devices will introduce more exploitable surfaces for attackers.

2014 DDoS Attack Trend

2014 DDoS Attack Trend

Nexusguard outlines DDoS attack trends in terms of attack characteristic, origin, target, and mitigation technique developments for 2014. Attack tools will become more automated and better at imitating legitimate requests, making defense and mitigation harder. Advanced hardware will not provide adequate protection: harnessing Big Data insights and mitigation experience will be essential in fending off next-generation attacks.

2012/13 DDoS Trending Report

2012/13 DDoS Trending Report - APAC Perspective 

A first-of-its-kind study examining the nature of DDoS attacks from an Asia-Pacific perspective. Learn more to prepare yourselves for the upcoming DDoS threats.