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DDoS protection for gaming and streaming services

Reduce Network Latency

No jitter, latency and packet loss under frequent attack

As players race against time with real money, online game and gaming operators cannot afford a second of downtime. To impatient gamers, instant access is a must. Nexusguard delivers uncompromising security, protecting player access whenever and wherever they are ready to play.

Reduce Network Latency

Secure Mission-Critical

Nexusguard’s automated mitigation solution, backed up by our 24x7 SOCs, protects all public-facing assets and the entire backend infrastructure. Individual IP addresses are also protected, which is extremely important for mission-critical online entertainment services that have high-traffic, critical non-HTTP assets with a small IP inventory. Online game and gaming clients relying on a small number of IP addresses will find Nexusguard’s high-performance solution to be very cost effective.

Don't Gamble With Player Experience

Online game and gaming providers are extremely sensitive to latency and packet loss. Nexusguard's mitigation platform never blocks legitimate users from the service or reduce latency, while being able to defeat massive, ever-evolving DDoS attacks.

Centralized DDoS Monitoring and Threat Alerts

Our easy-to-use, intuitive Customer Portal monitors the environment for potential threats and attack alerts instantly in case malicious traffic is detected. Meanwhile, your in-house security team will receive e-mail alerts, and can therefore act as quickly as possible and head off damages before they occur.

Multilayered DDoS Mitigation

Effective protection against multi-vector attacks

SSL Attack Mitigation

Secure key management that looks after your private key

PCI DSS and ISO 27001

Achieve and continually meet regulatory and compliance requirements

Wildcard Domains Supported

Group all sub-domains under one wildcard domain for easier management of profiles of sub-domains with similar security settings

Dynamic Backend

Supports web servers behind dynamic IP addresses using CNAME

Nexusguard Fends Off Untimely DDoS Attack for Gaming and Payment Application Provider
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