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As a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions, Nexusguard accumulates a wealth of valuable data on attack traffic. Now, you can harness this data to gain actionable insights and produce comprehensive reports effortlessly. With the Nexusguard Report App, you'll have access to detailed information on bandwidth usage, mitigation efforts, and event summaries, including vital attack statistics like the top application DDoS attacks and volumetric DDoS attacks. The app, conveniently integrated into the Nexusguard Portal, serves as a centralized repository for all your service reports. Whether you need predefined reports or want to customize them to suit your specific needs, the Nexusguard Report App empowers you to generate reports on the fly. 

Nexusguard Portal Dashboard

Monthly auto-generated reports are available to customers of our Application Protection, Clean Pipe, DNS Protection and Origin Protection services from the Nexusguard Portal dashboard.

Up to 12 months of service reports are retained and available for download as and when required.

Figure 1 - Nexusguard Portal Dashboard

Standard Reports

Standards reports for each of our services provide a comprehensive summary comprising site information, bandwidth usage of service, mitigation efforts, traffic analysis, and an event summary of the top attack events. Important statistics are broken down using different metrics, then presented using graphs for quick information consumption, sharing, and record keeping.

Figure 2 - Standard Reports

Customized Reports

The protection scope of each Customer’s resources being protected by Nexusguard services can be customized to provide comprehensive protection for the Customer’s entire sites, domains and networks, or specified profile levels. 

Customizable report templates also come with a built in Table of Contents, but this is by no means fixed, the structure can be reorganized and customized to suit the end user’s needs.  

Figure 3 - Customizable Report Templates

White-labeling Reports

An in-built white labeling feature allows partners to completely customize reports with their own logo and branding, replacing the Nexusguard logo on the front cover. 

Figure 4 - White Labeling Feature

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