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DDoS protection for e-commerce websites with low latency

e-commerce websites with low latency

A few minutes of downtime can kill any online business

To succeed in a highly competitive marketplace, e-commerce websites need to provide uninterrupted access to shoppers. And they also need to prevent data breaches, which can wreak havoc on their reputation and severely erode customer trust.


Comprehensive Protection For Web And Infrastructure

Nexusguard offers uncompromising security and meticulous protection for e-commerce operators. Our cloud-based, multi-layered mitigation platform protects the entire backend infrastructure and public-facing components from all cyberthreats.

No Latency Under Massive Attack

Leveraging our global CDN network, Nexusguard is capable of handling and mitigating massive volumetric attacks. Thanks to the highly scalable, redundant cloud infrastructure with BGP-anycast routing that distributes traffic among all nodes efficiently, shoppers do not experience any latency even the site they are visiting is under an enormous attack.

Zero Impact on SEO

To achieve high rankings in popular search engines and maintain a strong presence online, e-commerce operators have invested heavily in SEO. Nexusguard’s patented Crawler Identification Engine accurately segregates legitimate crawlers from spoofed or illicit ones, so crawlers from genuine engines are always let in, while malicious ones and bad bots are rejected immediately.

PCI-certified Service Provider

Nexusguard is a Level 1, PCI-certified service provider so e-commerce owners can rest assured that all sensitive information, including credit card data is handled securely throughout the mitigation process.

Multilayered DDoS Mitigation

Effective protection against multi-vector attacks

SSL Attack Mitigation

Secure key management that looks after your private key

PCI DSS and ISO 27001

Achieve and continually meet regulatory and compliance requirements

Smart AI

Identifies visitors using a unique, encrypted tracking tag that prevents users behind proxies from being mistaken for bots

Non-intrusive User Authentication

Progressive challenge-response algorithm distinguishes between spoofed and legitimate traffic

Visibility and Reporting

Easy-to-use Customer Portal for granular visibility and policy configuration

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