The Nexusguard DDoS Protection platform provides organizations with comprehensive protection against the most challenging distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, protecting their brand, customers and earning potential. Nexusguard’s Global DDoS Mitigation Network prevents downtime on network assets, protects critical applications and ensures availability for domain resolution.

Nexusguard's Global DDoS Mitigation Network



Nexusguard DDoS Mitigation Highlights

  • 1.44Tbps of total active mitigation capacity
  • 9 globally distributed scrubbing centers in San Jose, Los Angeles, Miami, Ashburn (VA), London, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore
  • Immediate response from 24/7/365 Security Operations Centers; dedicated account manager.
  • Flexible solutions for protecting complex applications, networks and DNS
  • Multi-layered mitigation


Three Pillar Cybersecurity Platform

Nexusguard’s purpose-built DDoS Protection platform is comprised of three pillars: Application Protection is a solution that provides comprehensive threat mitigation while allowing organizations to operate uninterrupted. Origin Protection, which guards against threats that target network resources. The third pillar, DNS Protection, is a robust solution that protects your organization’s DNS server from volumetric and reflection attacks.

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