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Data protection and data sovereignty services by Nexusguard

Data Localization

Rising Demands for Data Localization

More governments have strengthened legislation to enforce data sovereignty as they seek to exert control over data collected within the jurisdiction, including the need for data residency and data retention.

Data Localization

Data Residency

We have multiple deployment models that combine local and global scrubbing capacities so that local traffic can be processed and retained locally, while international traffic is handled by the global scrubbing centers.

Data Retention

We implement stringent data storage policy, operational access and controls that follow the PCI DSS standard, while all our data centers comply with PCI-DSS requirements.

Best Practices For Traffic Log Collection

The most stringent security measures by the ISO 27001:2005 cert of ISMS are implemented to ensure its confidentiality, integrity, availability, and privacy.

Flexible Hybrid Deployment Models

Service providers concerned about data sovereignty can opt for a hybrid setup so that traffic remains within their local network during attacks.