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Customizable Protection from website security company - Nexusguard

Customized DDoS protection

When One-Size-Fits-All Doesn't Fit

DDoS protection is more than dropping junk traffic and letting in good traffic.

Customized DDoS protection

Tightly Integrated System

Far from being a collection of security point products, the Nexusguard Cybersecurity Platform is a tightly integrated system ready to defend against today’s most damaging DDoS attacks.

Rigorous Testing & Assessment

Our experts will perform security vulnerability test and risk assessment on your network and collaborate with your IT personnel to design a customized protection plan based on your environment, needs and incident response capabilities.

Ensure Low False Positives

Our dedicated security analysts continuously fine-tune mitigation policy and WAF rule set for you to account for your network vulnerabilities and evolving threats.

Keep Users Happy

Intelligent authentication with customizable thresholds and notifications settings is enforced progressively to filter out bots while keeping user experience intact.

White Glove Service

We deliver world-class onboarding, ongoing support and consultancy.

Progressive C/R Algorithms

Non-intrusive authentication challenges are employed to defend the application layer against all abuses and attacks.

Flexible Policy Configuration

Customize mitigation rules and rule groups, including whitelist and blacklists, to meet your specific security and compliance needs.