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Founded in 2008, Nexusguard is the global leader in fighting malicious internet attacks. Nexusguard protects clients against a multitude of threats, including distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, to ensure uninterrupted internet service, visibility, optimization and performance. Nexusguard is focused on developing and providing the best cybersecurity solution for every client across a range of industries with specific business and technical requirements. Nexusguard also enables service providers to deliver DDoS protection solution as a service. Nexusguard delivers on its promise to provide you with peace of mind by countering threats and ensuring maximum uptime.

Nexusguard is wholly owned by Legend Ventures Holding (LVH), with a vision of establishing a multi-discipline empire. The corporation has a specific focus in engaging in real estate developments and investments in Asia undertaking strategic partnerships in financial markets, most recently investing in promising growing technology startups.


A safer Internet for corporations, communities and you. A future protected from cyber threats and dangers.


Secures Access and Performance for Maximum Uptime Protection

Our Technologies & Solutions

  • Cyberthreat Intelligence
    Multi-sourced Cyber Threat Intelligence & Analysis
  • 360 Cyber Security Technology
    Constant Advancement in Cybersecurity Technology
  • Complete DDoS Protection
    Application Protecton, Origin Protection and DNS Protection
  • Full Cycle Solution
    Covering Peace time, Attack time and Post-Attack time
  • Holistic Advisory Service
    Cyber Security Intelligence Exchange
Other inquiries

Careers: jobs@nexusguard.com

Public Relations: media@nexusguard.com

General Inquiry: contact@nexusguard.com


San Francisco

456 Montgomery Street, Suite 800,

San Francisco, CA 94104

+1 415 299 8550


Hong Kong

Suite 2101-2, 21/F, Nina Tower 2,

8 Yeung Uk Road, Tsuen Wan,

New Territories, Hong Kong

+852 3526 0626

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