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Protect Networks and Downstream from DDoS Attacks

Next-generation fully managed and automated cybersecurity and DDoS protection for communications service providers.

Proprietary, purpose-built mitigation technologies


Protect websites, applications, APIs, and network infrastructures from DDoS attacks and hacking.

Improve the user experience by reducing page load times, all while maintaining 100% application uptime.

Improve the user experience by reducing page load times, all while maintaining 100% application uptime.

Offer a suite of DDoS protection solutions and partner programs to meet the varying needs of you and your customers

InfraProtect / Origin Protection
• Protect the network infrastructure and downstream customers
• Prevent junk traffic from consuming expensive bandwidth
• Transfer security risks to a third-party vendor

Managed DDoS Mitigation Platform (MX7000)
• Subscription-based Managed DDoS Mitigation Platform Built for Multi-tenant Environments
• Managed by Nexusguard SOC 24x7; rule-set updates, upgrades and patches delivered automatically
• Allow you to keep local data local while countering global attacks

Transformational Alliance Partner (TAP) Program
• Join as strategic partner to offer complete DDoS mitigation services to customers
• Protect infrastructure as well as customers’ websites, applications, networks and DNS servers from L3/4 and L7 DDoS attacks
• Tap new revenue streams, differentiate products, elevate brand and move up the value chain

The Only MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) Specializing in DDoS Mitigation for Carriers

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Chris Rodriguez
Senior Industry Analyst
Frost & Sullivan
“Nexusguard Service Provider Enablement (Partner Program) allows service providers to deliver DDoS mitigation as a service to their customers and employ a revenue sharing model. This program fills a significant market gap as many businesses lack the resources to justify a large DDoS mitigation appliance deployment.”
Wale Ajisebutu
21st Century Technologies
“We opted to partner with Nexusguard because of their global reach and robustness of their platform. They have helped many companies and governments globally defend against cyberattack. Nexusguard is consistently recognised by analysts such as Gartner and Forrester as a market leader.”
Lau Leng Fong
"Our customers are extremely satisfied with Nexusguard DDoS Protection solutions because they have sophisticated tools that give them visibility into their networks. With Netpluz mitigation facility commissioned in Singapore, powered by Nexusguard, our customers can expect proactive and intelligent mitigations to ensure only clean traffic reaches their network."
DDoS Protection Made Simple

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