Nexusguard with AWS

Nexusguard integrates quickly and easily with AWS in just a few easy steps. Simply upload your SSL certificate through the Nexusguard Customer Portal and map the website to the CNAME provided to enable your AWS EC2 deployment. Nexusguard’s service team will assist in setting up your website and protection policies prior to conducting joint tests with you to ensure that both your website and the applications that you run are secure, fast and reliable.

Nexusguard’s Application Protection (AP) leverages AWS Cloud to offer multi-layered L3/4 and L7 protection against DDoS attacks on public-facing websites, applications, APIs, and so forth, ensuring our client’s businesses stay online during an attack with minimal impact to users.

Nexusguard has been investing time, resources and people into developing and building cybersecurity solutions around AWS Cloud offerings to help our clients with specific business and technical requirements.


Application protection

Multilayered Protection

Our multilayered mitigation platform eliminates complex volumetric and Layer-7 attacks in nanoseconds.

1. High-speed Border Filtering
2. Protocol Verification Deep Packet Inspection
3. Adaptive Filtering
4. Application-level Filtering
5. Flexible Content Filtering
6. Web Application Firewall
7. Caching

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Secure public-facing websites and applications from Top 10 OWASP vulnerabilities with Nexusguard’s cloud-based, enterprise-grade WAF.

SSL Attack Mitigation

Mitigate SSL-encrypted attacks effectively, with secure Key Management measures in place to keep your private key safe. Alternatively, we can mitigate SSL attacks without requiring your private key.

Content Caching & Acceleration

Accelerate the delivery of high-bandwidth content to customers worldwide through content caching and acceleration.

Load Balancing

Balance inbound and outbound connections and requests to your applications or service endpoints to improve uptime and performance.

Real-time Monitoring & Configuration

Monitor real-time traffic, including dropped and clean traffic, on an integrated portal with dynamic dashboard and analytics. View and download event logs and reports. Configure security policies.


Guaranteed uptime for public-facing resources, backed by enterprise-grade SLA against all DDOS attacks

- Protect websites, applications, APIs, etc.
- Custom rules matching your organizational security policy
- Minimize downtime and reduce costly impacts of attacks
- Mitigate attacks at the nearest origins 

Maximize user experience and performance even during DDOS attacks

- Multiterabit scrubbing capabilities ensure resiliency & low latency
- Ensure business continuity by allowing legitimate transactions to be processed
- Progressive User Authentication
- Crawler Identification

Enjoy unparalleled visibility of network traffic and threats in real time

- Comprehensive real-time dashboard and analytics
- Automatic monthly reports
- Real-time packet-captures
- Unlimited raw log downloads

24x7 access to dedicated engineers to immediately address your concerns

- Attack monitoring and mitigation with 24x7 SOC & support team
- Dedicated technical support

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